Saturday, June 30, 2012

Big, BIG news for our Larchmont Customers!

Ugly, Fraggle, and Poodle are first in line to shop at our second Larchmont store.  Little do they know that the only thing in there right now is old carpet and some outlets that belong in Europe.  They should probably just go down to 140 until the fall to get toys.

 We know the rumor's been going around, and now, we can finally confirm it... Landis' Labyrinth is indeed opening a second shop on Larchmont Blvd.!  We'll be opening it at 144 N. Larchmont (where the old ticket place was), and it will be an expansion upon what we already have.  So the plan is to have the same toys/games, only divided up by sections, in much larger quantities, and to bring in some lines that we've wanted to have but didn't have the space for!  We are proud and thankful to the community for allowing us to expand our business and the Landis name, and to be a part of your lives.  It's getting so that it's hard to walk around the shop on Saturdays because we have so many customers in looking for gifts or just hanging out!  Now, we'll have more stuff to check out, and we're aiming to have the sections in each shop make sense with each other.  Of course, we want your input on this... what toys do YOU want to see more of?  And please, tell us how we can make shopping with us easier for you with the store essentially split in half (if you come into buy a puzzle, would you also consider a boardgame?).  We want to know what you want.

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