Friday, May 11, 2012

What's New? Uglydolls, Anamalz, and Bugs (and by bugs, we mean bugs)!

That's right, we've gotten in yet more Uglydolls for you ravenous fans of Ice-Bat, Big Toe, etc., etc.  So if you need a new Little Ugly, or one of the Classic-size Uglys, we've got 'em in droves. 

Of course, we realize that not everyone wants more plush figures in their lives.  It's tough to find a toy that isn't plush or plastic for kids 3 yrs of age and up, and that is cute and fun to play with as well.  But we think we just might have what you're looking for!  We have a new line in called Anamalz, and as you can probably guess, they are animals, but with a unique twist.  They're made of smooth, natural wood with posable fabric-covered legs and some fabric embellishments.  Designed in Australia (produced in China), they are the recipients of the Australian International Design Award, an award that endorses these little guys as an example of design excellence.  To make it even better, these handmade animals give a percentage of their sales to various wildlife and children's organizations!  So anyone purchasing one of these is not just buying a cool toy, but also contributing towards sustaining the environment and supporting other children.  We only have these available at our Larchmont Village location, so come on in and check them out... we have everything from baboons to hippos to horses to giraffes to (you get the picture)!

And last but not  least, we just received in a TON of Insect Lore Butterfly Garden Kits!  These kits fly out of our shop faster than the butterflies you can raise from tiny caterpillars to full-grown butterflies.  We also brought in the popular Ladybug Land and the new Ant Hill Kit.  All of these kits contain everything you need to raise your bugs, and all you have to do is send in the coupon they provide for the bugs (there is a small shipping and handling fee), and your bugs will arrive at your house, ready for their new home!  These kits are a great way to carefully see these bugs up close and to learn about their development.  Also from the same company, we have a whole new line of pretend camping gear called Campfire Kids.  Letting a 3 year old chop wood in real life would be a bit terror-inducing, but pretending to chop wood with fake wood and a fake ax is pretty sweet.  And if your child is more into cooking than providing the fuel to cook, we also have the Frying Pan with Trout Set and the Roast Your Own Hot Dogs and Marshmallows Set.  And of course, no camping trip is complete without a good tent to call home and a lantern to light it up with (the lantern even plays nighttime wildlife sounds to get you in the camping spirit).  This is a very unique line of 'pretend' toys, and one which we hope you all will enjoy together with your children.

So that's it for now with the new product info.  Okay, one last fun new game.  Hasbro has come out with yet another boardgame-turned-cardgame, and just like Monopoly Deal and Scrabble Slam, this one's a winner!  It's Battleship, and take it from someone who bought it and has played it multiple times, it's awesome.  It has the feel of the boardgame, but now if your ship gets hit at all, you actually receive some sort of advantage (like the ability to remove a hit from one of your ships) until that ship is sunk.  It's quick and super easy to learn and play, and a lot of fun!  So come on in and check this out.  And just as a head's up, we are expecting a huge shipment of Lego products in this month, as well as tons of Calico Critters, including the new deer and cat families.  So stay tuned!

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