Friday, March 30, 2012

Mark your calendars, we're helping to launch a new toy April 28th!

Clump-o-Lumps!  Or, if you want to refer to them as individuals, Squid-O, Shark-O, Bee-O, Frog-O, Bird-O, Tig-O.  No, they are NOT animal versions of the Marx Brothers (bonus points to anyone who gets that reference), but rather, a group of delightful friends who can be unzipped into 2-3 pieces and re-zipped back together into an entirely new species.  I personally like the idea of a Frobirark, as it combines the flying power of a bird with the fly-catching power of a frog and the smooth moves of a shark, but any combination is welcome.  They're constructed of wide zippers and soft fabric, and are around 2 feet tall.  We're excited to be the ONLY store currently in the Los Angeles-area to carry these guys (we have them at both our Larchmont and Manhattan Beach locations), and we're hosting a grand launching event on Saturday, April 28th.  There will be a raffle, coloring books, and more happening, along with a few surprises that we know will get people into the spirit of things.  We already have the Clump-o-Lumps available for sale at Landis' Labyrinth, so stop on in and discover why we love them so much!  

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