Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Before we re-stock everything in the shop....

Inventory must be held!  No matter how much we hate having to close for a day and count every single item in the shop, alas, it must be done so that we can straighten our numbers out.  So we will be closed all of Wednesday, January 25th.  We hope this won't be a huge inconvenience for all of you weekday shoppers out there, but we know that it is a pain to have to do.  But the good news is that we should be getting an insane amount of new stuff in the next few months.  Devoney and Ana are at the L.A. Gift Show all this week, and will be in NYC for the New York Toy Fair next month, so that means lots of great new toys and games for everyone.  And after redoing most of the walls this morning, I can safely say we still have plenty to tide us over 'til the new arrivals.  Still a good selection of games, Beyblades, Hexbugs, Calico Critters, Littlest Pet Shops, baby gifts, plush, and Hello Kitty (especially jewelry!).  So come on in and see what we've got, and please, if you know of something fantastic that we don't carry, tell us about it so we can see if it's available for us to get in.  Oh, and we just got our new catalog from the company that carries Calico Critters... there's some really cute stuff coming from them FYI.  So don't say I didn't warn you!

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