Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ready for the New Year?

We are!  We're sad to say good bye to 2011 (we had a most glorious year!), but we're excited to see what 2012 is going to bring.  And by this we don't mean the end of the world.  Based on how much our sales have increased year after year, we're going to be waaaaay too busy selling toys, wrapping toys, filling in toys, etc., to have the world end on us.  There's just no way we can fit that in during the holidays.  Which means we need to do some serious reordering so that we can continue to be a successful business.  So keeping this in mind, we're going to be doing the gift show circuit for the next two months or so, and we would love suggestions from you guys!  What did you love?  What did you not love (really, tell us... we can't test everything out, so we're relying on YOU to let us know what didn't meet your expectations)? And what awesome new toys/games would you recommend?  One of our customers last year recommended Rubbabu toys right before we went to the Los Angeles Gift Show.  We found it there, and it's been one of our biggest hits of the year.  And as fond as we are of telling the Rubbabu-suggestion story, it's almost a year old and needs to be replaced with a new suggestion story. 

As you can imagine, this means the next month we may be out of some of our regular items while we wait for reorders to come in, but we do still have a ton of stuff for all ages and interests.  As fate would have it, we got our Hexbug order in yesterday and NOT before Christmas like we had hoped, but that means we are well-stocked in Hexbugs now so come in and check them out.  We're also getting our Valentine's Day items in now.  Some items like our stuffed animals and jewelry are already out on the sales floor, but the rest like the Valentine's Day cards will be out the first week of January. 

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