Wednesday, December 14, 2011

And not to think that we've forgotton about Chanukah!

Because we certainly haven't!  We have musical dreidels, wooden dreidels, make-your-own dreidels, and Chanukah gelt all in stock (though our supply of gelt is already getting low), as well as a few other Chanukah items.  We have dreidel molds for making your own edible dreidels, a kid's cookbook of Chanukah treats, Chanukah stickers, a set-of-crayons-shaped menorah, menorah candles, and a Chanukah jack-in-a-box, which plays the song, I Have a Little Dreidel.  As for actual gifts for Chanukah, we certainly have a full shop of them (just check out the previous post to get an idea).  We also do have Chanukah gift bags/wrap available, though sadly not the beautiful ones we've had the past two years (the company discontinued them), so we're your one-stop shop for all your children's Chanukah items!  Happy Chanukah!

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