Sunday, October 2, 2011

On Larchmont: New from Hasbro, Mattel, Int'l Playthings, Hello Kitty, and more!

So, last month was a crazy month, topped off by a crazy amount of new items piling in the last week and a half.  We have a ton of toys from Hasbro in the shop, including Beyblades (we will sell out of them soon based on the way things are going so stock up now!), classic boardgames like Risk, Perfection, Guess Who?, and Mousetrap, which Target always seems to be out of (I like to check out the big-box stores to see how we stack up).  We also have a mountain of Play-Doh, with lots of accessories and kits, and Littlest Pet Shop, My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake, some Sesame Street, and Nerf products.  Over 100 boxes from Hasbro came last week, so we are really full thanks to them... and Mattel.  That's right, we've got Barbies, Polly Pocket, Disney Dolls, Hotwheels, Matchbox, Uno, and more in from them. 

For the diaper-wearing crowd, we've got some Playskool classics in stock from Hasbro, as well as toys from Int'l Playthings, including Viking Toys Chubbies vehicles... one of my absolute favorite baby/toddler toys, and those amazing, squishy, bouncy, soft, rubbery toys from Rubbabu.  If you aren't familiar with them yet, you must stop by to see and FEEL them... think stress balls covered in the most luxurious velveteen/fuzzy fabric imaginable, and in vehicle, animal, and alphabet shapes.  Truly unique, though not good for teething (the fuzz will come off and while it's not harmful, you don't want a fuzzy green mouth!), and one of our best customer suggestions so far.  If you want something soft and traditional, we have that in from Kids Preferred... classic Pooh plush and books, Biscuit the Dog, Mickey and Minnie Mouse plush, and more! 

For the all-ages groups, we have more Hello Kitty slowly coming in. Our $.75 sticker books are a big hit, as well as the HK Musical Keyboard, and of course, HK jewelry.  The watches shown previously on this blog are on their way back to the manufacturer due to the incorrect positioning of HK's hair bow, but we will be getting replacements.  Hello Kitty is truly careful about her appearance... this bow must and shall remain on the right side of Hello Kitty's face only!  We also got in more of Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty, though we sold out of their Creatures putty the first week we had it back in.  We still have the small tins featuring a variety of their more popular putty, and, excitement of excitements... MAGNETIC PUTTY!!!  This is a gigantic tin of putty designed to be used with a magnet (one is included) that you can use to move the putty around.  So cool!

Another shop and customer favorite are the kids watches we carry.  They're only $12.95, and we have designs for both boys and girls (many of them new designs this time around, too).  Our Halloween selection is a big hit, too, with loads of sugar skull/ Dia de los Muertos-style accessories and decor among other items.

This isn't quite everything we've gotten in, but after a month's absence from this blog, anymore would be overload!  Stay tuned for Calico Critters, which we originally supposed to be here mid-September, but got pushed to the first or second week of this month (we had no idea, so we apologize to anyone who was told that they would be here... we thought they were on their way), and those Lego Minifigures series 5 figures... we're still waiting for them.  We received most of our Sept. Lego order in already, but the figures are backordered, so fingers crossed we get them in soon.  I have a Series 5 Cave Girl from Target that I'd like to trade (no, I won't trade my British Guard... not even for the Guy in the Dinosaur Suit, which I also want).

See you all soon!

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