Friday, October 7, 2011

On Larchmont: A few goodies from Melissa & Doug

It's been a quiet week for new shipments (and boy did we need a breather from shipments!), but we did get two new Peel & Press Sticker by Number sets from Melissa & Doug:  Flower Garden Fairy and Mystical Unicorn.  We always love our fairy products, but the unicorn is extra special since they're just so hard to find, especially in an art project kit, so we're pretty psyched about this one! 

Like I said, we've been light on new items this week, but that's all going to change very soon.  Calico Critters should be on their way to us finally, and a huge shipment of Uglydolls shipped out to us today so we'll have those back in stock hopefully next week.  We also have an order of musical instruments from Grover-Trophy placed, and those should come in this month as well.  This is most likely our last shipment from them this year, as they tend to run out of stock by the end of November, so make sure to keep that in mind for the holidays. As always, if we're out of something, ask a sales associate to take your name and number and we can call you when/if we get it back in.   We're your friends, we want to help you as much as we can!

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