Saturday, September 10, 2011

Little Miss Busy

That's what we've been for the past few weeks (except Drew...he's Mr. Busy), what with setting up the new shop (don't worry, we're still going to be here in Larchmont Village!) and getting in the new merchandise for September.  We've gotten in some great art supplies from Melissa & Doug, including the Paint Your Own Cupcake Bank, which we predict will sell out almost as quickly as the Paint Your Own Rubber Duckie Kit we had this summer.  Remember the Magnetic Responsibility Chart from them?  We have that, too!  Also in is the newest book from Josie Bissett, Boogie Monster, as well as her best-seller, Tickle Monster.  We also have the box sets of these books that come with the Tickle Gloves and Monster Feet Covers (also sold separately), and the box set for the book I Love Monkey.  We've also begun carrying the I Can Read! Series of books from Harper Collins, which are great for beginning readers as each book indicates on the cover what 'level' the book is.  And, as you can probably guess, we have the famous Mr. Men and Little Miss books back, with titles we've never carried before!  I loved these books when I was little, and it's very exciting to see that kids are still interested in reading all of them.   For the adventurous sort, we have great selection of Spy Gear toys back in stock (last Christmas they were second only to Hexbug in popularity amongst the boys). In the next few weeks we should be getting in a huge Calico Critters order, more Legos (still waiting on those series 5 minifigures), a huge reorder of Mattel (Hot Wheels, Uno, Magic 8 Balls, Barbie, etc.), and Hasbro.  Also, we're almost done ordering for the year, so if you have any great suggestions for the holiday season in terms of merchandise, please let us know!

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