Monday, August 22, 2011

Some food for thought...

What's more fun than marshmallows?  Toys that shoot marshmallows!  And Labor Day weekend!  While waiting for the grilling to commence, consider replacing (or adding to) the annual water balloon fight with a Marshmallow Crossbow, Blaster, or Double Shooter.  You wouldn't want to try and catch the marshmallows in your mouth (they do fly through the air rather fast and the back of your throat is no place for an unchewed marshmallow), but have fun setting up targets around the yard and creating epic battles of confectionery carnage sure to be remembered for years to come!  The best part?  Celebrating your victory with a toasted marshmallow, so be sure to save some marshmallows for that.

For the younger crowd, we have play food so that they can have their own "cook-out".  We even have a mini wooden grill complete with a BBQ food starter set for $168.00 (only one in stock so get it before it's gone), and of course, fruit, fresh vegetables, grilling vegetables, and apple pie to complete the meal.

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